About Us

Zoneton Trowel Club, Inc.

The Zoneton Trowel Club, Inc. is a not-for-profit private foundation based in Hillview. The group works not only to organize the annual city fair, but also to preserve and maintain the historic Zoneton Lodge Hall property in Hillview. In addition, the Trowel Club holds fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for several charities, including, but not limited to:

  • Operation Santa
  • Hillview Parks & Recreation
  • Zoneton Lodge Scholarship Program
  • North Bullitt High School Boosters
  • Masonic Homes of Kentucky
  • Kosair Shrine Charities

Board of Directors

The Zoneton Trowel Club is operated purely on volunteer effort. Financial and operating decisions are governed by a nine-member board of directors who are elected annually by the membership. Currently, they are:

  • Alan Wyatt - Chairman
  • Shane DeWitt - Vice-Chair
  • Harlen R. Compton, Esq. - Treasurer
  • Marshall Coy - Secretary
  • Michael Compton, Jr. - Chairman
  • Tony Thompson
  • Josh Northcutt
  • Ray Wolford
  • Bryan Kirk
  • Bruce Vance, Jr.

Hillview City Fair Committee

In addition to the board of directors, the Hillview City Fair is produced and promoted by other volunteers of the Hillview City Fair Committee. The 2018 committee includes the board and:

  • Aaron Thompson - Zoneton Lodge
  • Terry Bohannan - Hillview Parks & Recreation Director
  • Jim Bohannan - Hillview Public Works Director
  • Mayor Jim Eadens - City of Hillview
  • Jeff Flowers - Owner of Volcano Products
  • Steven Hooper - Zoneton Lodge
  • Sam Compton - Zoneton Lodge
  • Bob Harker - Zoneton Lodge
  • Stanley Brewer - Zoneton Lodge